About Service Automation, Inc.

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SAWIN Service Automation, Inc. is a provider of turn-key business solutions designed specifically for the service and installation industry since 1984. Based on the principle of integration, our products reflect a streamlined, single point of entry approach, consolidating all aspects of your business into one powerful software solution. The SAWIN PRO ENTERPRISE product is a feature rich solution designed to meet and exceed the needs of any service contracting firm seeking excellence.

SAWIN PRO ENTERPRISE, our premier business offering designed with cutting edge technology, is easy to use and scalable to any size company. SAWIN PRO ENTERPRISE provides you with the right tools for you to meet and exceed your customer’s needs, even in the most complex service & installation environments.

SAWIN BASIC, our cloud product is a wonderful service offering for any size business that already has an accounting system. SAWIN BASIC is ideal for companies looking for all the tools in a service automation platform, but prefer to integrate with third party financial systems instead of having a fully-integrated product like SAWIN PRO ENTERPRISE.

And, for us, our customers are our best source of ideas to improve our software. If we do not have a feature you need, we are more than happy to consider it for a future release or customize our product for you. Check around and see how many of our competitors will offer that. We provide full training on our system, whether in-house, on-line, or on-site, at your location. We also have a friendly, knowledgeable support staff ready to assist with any questions or support you require. We know our software inside and out because we developed it, and we rely on it every day to run our own company.

Do you need comprehensive software solutions for your service & installation contracting firm? Then contact SAWIN Service Automation to assist you. Feel free to reach us at the following:

Toll Free: 800-774-7218
Email: support@sawinpro.com

Houston Office:
SAWIN Service Automation, Inc.
9525 Huffmeister Road
Houston, TX 77095
Toll Free: 800-774-7218
Phone: 281-550-5566
Fax: 281-550-5548

California Office:
SAWIN Service Automation, Inc.
161 Ave. Cabrillo
San Clemente, CA 92672
Toll Free: 800-774-7230
Fax: 949-498-9565

At SAWIN Service Automation, our constant aim is to assist service contracting firms with their specific software needs. If you’d like to learn more, please call toll-free at 800-774-7230 and one of our sales representatives will be more than happy to assist with your needs.